Review about the eye brow kit from Brow Studio

Review about the eye brow kit from Brow Studio

The perfect eyebrow, this can be difficult to create. Because not every eyebrow grows in a perfect shape. Not mine either, unfortunately. My eyebrow is missing some hairs on the inside and at the arch. Still, I can create a perfect eyebrow with myself thanks to the Brow Studio Kit from Brow Studio in Hoorn at the Netherlands.

Brow Studio Hoorn

If you follow my blog you could already read that I sometimes go here to get my eyebrows done. Have you not read this article? Read it here. They really do everything at Brow Studio. They do the classic treatment (epilation, resins and colors), they do Powder Brow (a kind of permanent make-up in a very natural way), a Brow lift (so the hair is nicely raised so that you have more volume temporarily), and a laser removal (do you have old permanent make-up? And you want to get rid of it? They also remove this). They also have their own make-up brand. I’m going to write about this.

Brow Studio Kit

I was already looking for a good eyebrow powder. I had already heard from one of the employees of Brow Studio that this powder is super good, it lasts a long time and you can use it for a long time. In the end I decided to buy it anyway. The kit comes in two colors. Blonde and brown. So everyone can use this kit. You can also mix the two colors by passing the brush through both colors so you are in between. The kit includes a gel that you can apply before or after the powder. Before so that the eyebrow powder stays in place, or after it so that the hair stays in place. The eyebrow kit includes an application brush, tweezers, a brush, and a small mirror.

How to use the eyebrow kit

I like to put the gel on my eyebrow for the powder. I mix the two colors. Gently I brush the brush through both colors and start at the arch of my eyebrow and spread it gently over my entire eyebrow, leaving the front of the eyebrow for what it is. There I only do the blonde color so that it is a bit lighter. I think this is more natural. You really only need a little bit of the product to have an effect so do not press too hard or the eyebrows will become too dark. I only pass my brush through the powder once per eyebrow. And then of course once through the blonde lace for the front. Then I brush it through, then they are very beautiful, of course, but still I have filled my eyebrows in the places where I miss some hairs.

The result

I am very pleased with this product. I have had powder from the Kruidvat before, but I noticed that it stains quickly in one way or another. Then it is also around the eyebrow which of course you do not want. This powder lasts well and especially long. It stays beautiful all day long. And it is also easy to remove. That is also nice, haha. And it’s nice that you only need so little product. The employee said that she has it herself and that she has been doing it for two years. I myself have yet to experience that but so far I have used a month and I hardly see any difference with when it was new. I definitely recommend this product! I am also going to buy the eyebrow gel for after applying the makeup. As a finisher.

Where can I buy this?

You can do this in the salon in Hoorn (Reiger 11 Hoorn) or you can buy it online on the Brow Studio website. You can also make an appointment for a desired treatment here, and you can take a look in the webshop.
The Studio Brow kit € 25.
Studio Brow Gel Clear € 17.50.
Studio Brow brush € 15.
Tip Apply some highlighter under the eyebrow to lift your Brow a bit. And so the grown hairs are less noticeable.

What is your favorite eyebrow product?

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”All you need is love & a great brow stylist.”

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