Healthy smoothies thanks to

Healthy smoothies thanks to

Smoothies, I love it. It is super healthy, you get your daily fruit, and it is also super tasty. And it is very easy and quick to make and you can vary it with anything. Now I was asked if I wanted to collaborate with Juice Junkies. I didn’t say no to that. I was curious what they had to offer. And I am very excited!

Juice Junkies

Juice Junkies is a webshop where you can buy all kinds of fruit bags to make smoothies. Super easy! The bags can be stored for a long time and do not have to be used up in one go because it is simply frozen. Each bag contains different fruits that go together to make a delicious smoothie. All you have to add yourself is orange juice, cottage cheese, yogurt or coconut water. The handy thing is that 1 bag is for 1 glass. In addition to bags of fruit, they also have other toppings to add to your smoothie. For extra energy or for losing some weight, you name it. In addition to normal drinking smoothies, they also have bags to make a nice smoothie bowl. These are some thicker ice cream smoothies that you can put fruit on top. Yummy!

What did I get?

I had received a large package from Juice Junkies. They have been very generous. I all got different bags with different combinations. Similarly, vegetable smoothies. And a bag to make a smoothie bowl. Super awesome. The delivery arrived very quickly, neatly in a cooler bag and everything well packed. From the cooler bag home, it can stay frozen for about 72 hours, so you don’t have to put it in the freezer right away, which is also handy if you’re working and have it delivered to your place. The bags go straight into the freezer. And you can enjoy a different smoothie every day. Tip: take a bag out of the freezer the night before, put it in the fridge right away, and the next morning the bag is well thawed to make your smoothie.

Which combination I received and which one are my favorites?

Actually, I liked almost all bags except one. But I think this was because I added cottage cheese instead of orange juice. As a result, the smoothie was too thick and a bit on the sour side. For the rest, all combinations were super tasty! Below are the bags that I received and I indicate with stars how it tasted. So you immediately see my favorites!

Fruit smoothies

Mango Passion ****: mango, passion fruit, pineapple, lemon, gravy.
Tropical Twist *****: banana, coconut, pineapple, gravy.
One In A Melon ****: watermelon, pineapple, mango, kiwi, gravy.
Strawberry Split *****: strawberry, banana, cherry, papaya, gravy.
Make Love Not War ****: pomegranate, strawberry, black currant, apple, gravy.
Our Pear Bear ****: pear, mango, pomegranate, passion fruit, gravy.

Vegetable Smoothies

Green Machine **: broccoli, spinach, celery, banana, pineapple, gravy.
Green Dream ***: avocado, banana, cabbage, lemon, gravy.
Creamy Avocado ****: avocado, coconut, mango, lemon, gravy.
Go Go Goji Berry *: goji berry, carrot, mango, pineapple, cottage cheese.
The Hulk ***: cabbage, spinach, mango, pineapple, gravy.

Smoothie bowl

With banana and Cherry.


It costs € 2.39 per fruit bag, but these are often on sale for € 1.93. Or you can take a package with several bags, these packages are from € 19.95. The vegetable smoothies cost the same.
The super foods bags are from € 21.95.
And the smoothie bowls bags cost from € 7.95.


Am I going to buy smoothies here more often? Hell yes! It is super fast, it is easy, and super tasty. Making a smoothie every morning has never been faster and easier. No more cutting fruit, taking out a bag, thawing, adding juice and mixing. Yes this is a super good idea and I am definitely in favor of it. Especially with these difficult times in view of Corona, everyone can use some extra vitamins and that is certainly achievable with these bags.

What are your favorite smoothies?

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