Recipe: Indian Tom Ka Kai soup

Recipe: Indian Tom Ka Kai soup

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I really love Indian food, especially to enjoy such recipes in a restaurant. Not too spicy, but a little spicy is always nice and natural. I also like the taste of Tom Ka Kai in soup, or just as a meal. A bit spicy, some vegetables and a creamy coconut milk that gives the soup a delicious taste. I tried to make a soup meal myself with the Tom Ka Kai.

What do you need?

For two persons.

-1 bag of Tom Ka Kai pasta or 3 tablespoons from a jar. This is just for sale at the Albert Heijn.
-400 ml coconut milk.

-100 grams of bean sprouts.

-2 large chicken legs, or 200 grams of chicken fillet

  • Half a cup of rice (you can also buy a complete Tom Ka Kai package that already contains rice and pasta, then you only have to buy the vegetables and chicken.)

-1 teaspoon chilli pepper

-100 grams of mushrooms

-2 spring onion / spring onion.

-100 ml of water.

The method of preparation.

Preparation: 5 minutes. Preparation time: 15 minutes. Waiting time: 30 minutes.

Step 1. You can use two types of chicken. I used chicken legs because I like this meat much better in such dishes. But if you don’t like this you can use chicken fillet. Then you will also be ready faster. Do you make this dish with chicken fillet? Cut the chicken fillet into small cubes and cook until done. Do you use chicken legs? Then heat 1 liter of water in a pan and put the large chicken legs in it. Let this cook for half an hour. The chicken legs are done after half an hour.

Step 2. Remove the chicken legs from the water. Place this on a cutting board. Now put the rice in the liter of water that the chicken legs have been in. If you make this with chicken fillet you can boil 1 liter of water in a pan and let the rice stand up for 13 minutes so that the rice is also cooked.

Step 3. Cut the mushrooms into small pieces, the spring onion into small slices. And fry with the chicken fillet or if you use chicken legs only in a pan so that they are cooked.

Step 4. Remove the chicken from the legs when they have cooled slightly. So remove the good pieces of chicken so that you can add the tastiest portions to your meal soup. So no grits and other hard pieces.

Step 5. Drain the rice after 13 minutes, add the chicken and the mushrooms and the onion. Then add the 400 ml coconut milk and 100 ml water. Let this cook for a while. Add the bag of Tom Ka Kai pasta and stir well. Add the sambal for a slightly pungent taste. The package comes with a sambal of oil that you can throw over it. This is the orange in the photo.
Enjoy your meal!

What did I think of this recipe?

I found the recipe very tasty and the soup / meal fills very well with rice and chicken. If I can really call it a soup that isn’t really, then you should add more pasta and an extra liter of water. But it is healthy and it fills very well and I think that is the most important thing for me and it is also delicious.

What do you think of Indian food? And what is your favorite recipe?

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