Making some pictures in Wondr Experience Amsterdam

Making some pictures in Wondr Experience Amsterdam

For the people who are active on Instagram, this must have been seen. Beautiful colorful photos taken in the Wondr Experience in Amsterdam. The so-called Instagram museum. Since I also want a colorful feed for my Insta account, I decided to take a look there. I ended up there twice. If you read on you know why, haha.

Wondr Museum

The Wondr museum consists of 15 unique spaces with fun and different themes so that you can take photos for everyone. You can do this by taking photos yourself, but Wondr itself also has cameras installed so that you can scan your unique code and have Wondr’s cameras take a nice photo. You will receive the code upon entry. There you enter your e-mail address on an iPad so that after your experience the photos can be emailed to you.

What kind of spaces are there?

I’m not going to name all 15 because then the surprise is gone, but I can list the spaces that I really liked. This way you have a room with telephones almost in the beginning. These are old-fashioned phones with a wire, not to mention a nice colorful background! Ahead you have a tropical space with a jungle looking vibe. This way you have a nice swing that you can pose on. And not to forget, the room with a marshmallow bath and a confetti shower! Awesome! With the confetti shower it is a bit of practice to take pictures, but everything is in time!

Why did I go there twice?

The first time I went on vacation with a friend. So it was very busy. We couldn’t have taken a lot of pictures because of this because there were always people in my shot unfortunately. The second time I went outside of the holidays. This was much better. A lot quieter. This was much easier with taking photos and posing. I never find it so chill when I am photographed and there is a group of people watching, haha. So a tip: go outside the holidays during the week.

The opening hours

Wondr is open daily from 11am to 7pm. The tickets cost € 24.50 for an adult ticket and for children € 14.50. You spend a maximum of 2 hours taking photos and visiting the spaces. I did read that the Wondr museum has only been open for 6 months. If this information is correct, the museum will close again on March 18, 2020. The museum is easy to reach by car. You can park for free at the Dirk. There is also a restaurant in the museum where you can eat and drink tasty things.

Have you already been to the Wondr Experience Museum? And what did you think of it?

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