Recipe: Old-fashioned Sauerkraut stew

Recipe: Old-fashioned Sauerkraut stew

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This is a recipe from the Netherlands! So if you want to taste Dutch food, or make something that’s really Dutch, read on!

Autumn shows its beautiful colors, and winter is already waiting for us! So we can again eat tasty winter meals such as sauerkraut, stew, kale you name it. In this article I will make a recipe for you to make sauerkraut stew in the old-fashioned way. This means lots of meat! Are you vegetarian? Be sure not to worry because without the meat the sauerkraut also tastes delicious!

Sauerkraut stew

Not everyone likes sauerkraut because of the (logically) sour taste. I must confess to you that I was never fond of it. I didn’t like the strings, and I didn’t like the sour taste. But now you have sauerkraut that doesn’t taste very sour. This is the white wine sauerkraut. This is the red bag. Of course you also have the original sauerkraut, but the red bag is less acidic. And also by using more potato, this also becomes less acidic. Through the meat, the bacon and the smoked sausage the sauerkraut gets a nice bite. Add some gravy and you have a delicious stew that almost everyone likes!


For 3 to 4 people.

-white wine sauerkraut or normal sauerkraut

-sauerkraut bacon (this comes with sausage and normal bacon)

-1 kilos of crumbly potatoes

-250 ml whole milk

-1 smoked sausage to your liking (my preference goes to the spicy smoked sausage from Unox)

-jus (I use a bag of Knor gravy with onions for a nice bite for this stew).

-if some pepper and salt

The method of preparation

Preparation: 5 minutes. Preparation time: 20 minutes. Waiting time: 3 hours.

Step 1: Start with the sauerkraut bacon. This has to get up for 3 hours so that you can pull it apart (fluff) so put about 1 to 1.5 liters in the kettle and switch it on. Then you do this in a pan, remove the sauerkraut bacon from the package, and put it in the pan with the water so that the sauerkraut bacon is completely submerged. Leave the water on high heat for a while so that it boils well. When it is boiling, keep the lid on the pan and the fire on the lowest setting.

Step 2: After 2.5 hours you can start the rest of the stew. Place the potatoes that are peeled and the sauerkraut can also be added in a pan with four tablespoons of water. First put this on a high heat until the water boils, then the heat can be low and this should boil for half an hour.

Step 3: The smoked sausage can be removed from the bag and put on the sauerkraut. This way it can also become warm at the same time.

Step 4: Once the potatoes are cooked, they can be drained. Take the 200 ml milk and mix it with a mixer. Of course it is also possible with a pestle, but with the mixer you get a nice smooth mashed potato. If the puree is at the right thickness, the sauerkraut can be scooped through. (Tip: do not mix the sauerkraut with the electric mixer with the potatoes, otherwise everything will be stuck to the mixer). You can mix this up little by little with a spoon.

Step 5: The three hours are finally over for the bacon! Remove the game with a fork and place it on a plate. You can use the water you used for the bacon for the gravy. Of course you can also use the little potato water, which contains all the vitamins from the potatoes. So that’s my preference. You will need approximately 200 to 250 ml of water to make the sauce of Knor. Because the water from the potatoes or bacon is already warm, it boils quickly, so the gravy is quickly made with a whisk!

Step 6: The bacon has cooled a bit and can now be cut into pieces or you can pick the bacon apart with your hands. This can be very hot so watch out! Divide the bacon in the stew that is made, and cut the smoked sausage into pieces and divide this over the plates. Spoon the sauerkraut stew with the pieces of bacon in it, make a dimple gravy with a spoon, and very tasty!

A tasty winter meal

I love the bacon through the sauerkraut. Because of the more potatoes, bacon and gravy you can taste the sour a little so that it tastes good and not too sour. I think this stew is very successful and will definitely make this more often! You can also make a whole pan if you are alone or with two people, because you can simply freeze the rest in trays for three to four months.

How do you prefer to make your sauerkraut?

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β€œWinter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth.”

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