Shoplog The Hague

Shoplog The Hague

Shopping is really my favorite activity. I usually shop in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Hoofddorp, Almere is also very nice for shopping and very large, Amstelveen, you name it. But I had never been to The Hague. My mother came with that and said she heard that it was very nice. So we decided to go by train to The Hague.
It is about an hour’s journey from where we left. It is more convenient to use public transport because otherwise you will have to pay a hefty parking fee.

The city

From the train station it is a five minute walk to the city, so that is not so bad. If you see a Mac Donalds, then you are already there! Soon, of course, I saw the famous stores that always have nice things. Bershka, Primark, Stravarius, H&M, Monki, you name it. So let’s get shopping!


First we entered Primark because it is also at the start of the city. It was really incredibly busy as it is always busy there, but I still think this Primark is well-arranged. I immediately saw a nice shirt with long sleeves in a beautiful green color. It is a soft fabric that is tight but comfortable. It is not cotton, but not, but fortunately it is not sweat, because I do not like this, haha. It is a little higher in the neck, but not like a turtleneck. I had taken a size XS myself because they have quite a lot of stretch and it is otherwise too large or will start to lubber.


When we wanted to go upstairs I saw a nice sweater which I would not normally wear that quickly. But it felt nice and thick, very soft and nice so I took this sweater with me anyway. The sweater has a large turtleneck, has nice colors such as light pink, white so that the sweater looks nice and fresh, and it is also wonderfully warm!


And I also bought a nice scarf in the same colors as the sweater. This can be in your hair, around your neck, or you can tie it to your bag as an extra accessory! This cost € 1.99.


I didn’t really know this shop very well. I never actually bought anything here in Amsterdam, but in The Hague they all had things that I like! For example, I bought a somewhat old-fashioned skirt that is now completely in tiger print. I actually took this as a joke but it was great fun! This one I also packed in a black leather color, but I finally chose the tiger print. I had this in size S, is nice and stretchy and nicely in the waist with elastic.

Shirt- € 7.95
Tiger skirt – € 19.99

For that, I bought a black shirt with a gold heart as a print. That is super nice with the tiger print. The shirt is not made of cotton, but of a soft fabric. And for that money I couldn’t resist. The outfit is super nice with slightly longer socks to the calves with a lace, and of course tough boots underneath like Dr. Martens.

Then I came with a short dress with a leopard print. At first I thought it might look a bit ordinary, but this was not so bad when you pay attention to your makeup style. I bought this one in size M, because an S was very small. The dress is great!



Here I only bought a nice elastic for my hair with tiger print and that also had a white elastic. I thought that would be nice with the skirt. I think the elastics are called crinkles and look great because they are a bit thicker, and they don’t leave a dent in the hair when you wear it again.


Eat at Pavlov

Then we ate at this restaurant. This is near the station. They have delicious wines, snacks and good food here. I had a steak medium fried and they had home-made fries with herbs. My mother took a luxury burger with home-made fries. It looked very nice and it tasted delicious. The prices are slightly higher in this restaurant, but we are still one day away.

Starter; Carpaccio
Main course of mine; steak with fresh fries with herbs.
My mother’s main course: hamburger with bacon and fresh fries with herbs.


So for not too much money you can still buy very nice clothes. The Hague is really a very nice city for shopping and in the meantime to grab a tent to have lunch or to have a drink. So yes I would definitely recommend The Hague to go shopping for a day. You definitely need a day because the city is really big. I would recommend a Thursday then you will have a nice evening with the shopping evening!

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