My new Gymshark clothes

My new Gymshark clothes

There was a sale at, and this rarely happens! So of course I had to see what they had in the sale. I love these sportswear and are of good quality and also look very beautiful. In this article you can read what I bought from Gymshark in the Blackout Sale.

What is gymshark?

For the people who don’t know what this is or have never heard this before. Gymshark is one of the top brands of sportswear. In 2012 this brand came to life in the UK. A group of friends (teenagers) came up with this. It started with printing clothes in a garage, and so this brand became bigger and bigger. And so they deliver in many countries. The Netherlands also has its own Gymshark depot. This is very nice. This ensures that your clothing will arrive quickly and that your return package will arrive at Gymshark quickly. In addition to sports clothing, Gymshark also has various accessories to complete your sports look, all with high quality!

How did I get to Gymshark?

I have known this brand for about a year, up to another six months. I had never actually heard of this until I heard someone talking about my work. My curiosity was immediately aroused, and I decided to take a look at their website. I saw really nice sets there and I immediately got greedy. Still I bought 1 set. This was already pricey enough. I bought a Flex High Waisted Leggings in the color black with charcoal. Hereby I bought a matching sports bra and a top with long sleeves. In this brand I have my usual size S. This fits like a glove. I felt a new addiction coming. It was super fast inside and the possible return is also very easy and fast, and free.

My purchased Blackout Sale products

In the Blackout Sale it went from 25, 50 to 70% off. That varied per product. The Sale started at the end of November at 7.30 p.m. So you had to be quick.


Flex Cycling Shorts: this was for half the price. This is actually the same pants that I already had. From the same line and it looks the same, only then it comes to the knee instead of being long. These pants are really nice not too tight and not too loose. The fabric is soft and adapts to your figure. So I already had the bra and top with long sleeves of the long Flex pants. So I only bought these pants in terms of set. (20 euro)


Energy + Seamless leggings: This is a beautiful black long legging with a nice design with holes that looks like lace. A bit sexy and cool. I like that in sports shorts. These pants are a bit on the tight side in the beginning, but this is good because if you wear it often it will become a bit looser. And then you’re still in the right place. This is also a high waist. I already had the sports bra.


Ark high-waisted shorts: Actually, I also needed shorts. I had seen these pants for a few weeks when they were not yet on sale. But so you see, waiting pays! He was on sale now. The pants are not too short, I like this. The top has stretch, and has a nice white bow. I also like that the pants are high waisted. The fabric is somewhat thicker and nice and soft.

Ribbon Crop Top: €20,-
Ark High Waisted Shorts: €12,50

Seamless tongues: they also sell underwear at Gymshark. I saw a nice seamless string in the sale. A beautiful black color, a wide band with the brand on it, a thick sturdy fabric that does not shift or the like. Also because there are no seams, it is great to wear under sport leggings so that you see minimal lines! Here I have taken two of them in size S.


Seamless Bralette: I doubted for a while about this bra, because I prefer a padded bra, but nevertheless I put my doubts aside and decided to try it anyway! Size S fits me very well. I expected it to be too large, but this was not the case. The bra is made of the same fabric as the matching thong, so this looks great together! The bra straps around the arms can be adjusted. The bra strap at the back is not, it is made of strong elastic. Due to the firmness of the elastic the bra also gives a lot of support. There is no underwire in it, but it is a great bra for underneath a sports shirt!

Seamless Bralette: €12,60
Seamless Thong: €8,10

Ribbon Crop Top: I actually wanted to have a white top because I actually have a lot of black clothes in my closet. A white top seemed like a nice pair of pink shorts. I also bought this at Gymshark, but unfortunately I had to send it back because it was not working properly. This top is actually very beautiful. It is a normal crop top, is well stretched, is nice, and at the bottom you can tie laces around your waist which looks nice and different from normal crop tops! I liked the pink letters on the top anyway, this looks great with my Fila shoes with light pink logo. You can also see this on the photo. Yes, the white top was very successful!

Apollo Hoodie: I had been looking for a leak for some time cool sweater, that’s how I came to Gymshark. A nice warm black hoodie went straight into my shopping bag! Maatje S also fit just right. The sweater has a nice thick warm fabric and has a soft fabric on the inside that can also be found in the sleeves. Not many jerseys have this, but I really like this. I think the sweater looks great and is also very comfortable. A lovely sweater that is warm, sporty and also looks great!


Am I happy with my purchases?

Yes for sure! Unfortunately, I had to send two things back. So I bought a pink legging that did not fit nicely with me and a white Crop top. It was too tight and did not stretch. I didn’t buy anything new for this. With my clothes that I have kept I am really happy and I really love Gymshark. My favorite sport brands are now Gymshark and Nike! I hope they do such a sale again soon, but unfortunately I don’t think so! If you like the clothes I bought, you can click on the link of the names of the clothes! All the prices below the pictures are the price of the Black-out Sale.

What is your favorite sport brand? And did you buy anything in the Sale?

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