Kerastase Shampoo for a sensitive scalp

Kerastase Shampoo for a sensitive scalp

It is already winter and that means that the heaters are on again and that the weather is colder outside. This could cause a sensitive scalp due to the temperature differences. Here too I suffer from unfortunately. An itchy scalp or even white flakes are never fun! But please do not use anti dandruff shampoo, because you do not have dandruff, but a sensitive scalp. Many people confuse this. In this article I explain the differences and how the shampoo is against this problem.

The differences between dandruff and dry scalp

Some people confuse dandruff with a dry scalp. I always did this. People who see white flakes already think “I have dandruff!” But this is not the case. Rose is yellowish and stays on the scalp. And a dry scalp is itchy too, but these flakes are white, and usually loose and swirling through the hair. So rose is stuck and is yellow. And a dry scalp is white and its “snowflakes”, so to speak. So if you suffer from dry scalp then do NOT use anti dandruff shampoo. This is very bad for your hair, especially colored hair. You can use it if you think the color of your hair is too dark. This then clarifies the hair again.

The Kerastase Bain Riche Dermo Calm for dry hair

Kerastase is a French hairdressing brand that is well known among hairdressing salons. Not every salon uses this brand because the purchase price is somewhat more expensive. But this gives you good results. I myself also worked with this when I did an internship at the hair salon. I think this is a good product, you need little, it does what it promises, you have many different lines so there is something for every hair, and it smells delicious.

Now I use the Bain Riche Dermo Calm for dry hair. Since I have some dry hair because of all the coloring it is not a superfluous luxury for me to take a shampoo against dry hair. Do you have greasier hair? No problem! Of course you also have this line for long hair. This is the blue transparent bottle.

How do you apply the shampoo?

The shampoo is thicker than you are used to. For example, Andrelon or other shampoo from the drugstore are somewhat thinner. This is because more water has been added to the shampoo. It is therefore purer for barber products. So you need less. Apply a small amount of shampoo on the palm, about the size of a euro coin is enough. Then you divide this between your hands. You can then spread it over your scalp. First in front, then the sides and then the back. This very well in massaging so that it is well absorbed by the scalp. Once you are done, add a small amount of water so that the shampoo gets a little thinner through the hair. Massage well again, and then rinse thoroughly. For a soft feeling, also use a good conditioner that is nourishing. And an intensive mask once a week.

Points of sale

The shampoo can be purchased at the hairdressing salons that work with Kerastase. I know only two myself: Hizi Hair and Pierôt in Haarlem or Amsterdam. The Kerastase products can also be purchased through a webshop.

How do I experience Kerastase products?

I have almost tried all the lines, and they are all very good. From all lines you get beautiful shiny hair that looks healthy. It feels soft and healthy. And I think that’s the most important thing. The shampoo for a sensitive scalp really works. Of course it is not itch free after 1 wash, this will take a while. But after about two weeks of washing every other day, I notice that my scalp is calmer and less itchy. That is of course so pleasant! So yes, I would definitely recommend this product!

Which shampoo do you use? And is this against a sensitive scalp?

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