Gaby goes Pro: a review about the IPhone 11 Pro Max

Gaby goes Pro: a review about the IPhone 11 Pro Max

Some people must have seen it; the newest iPhone has already hit the market on September 29! As a hard Apple fan, I wanted to see what this new toy was. After having had the iPhone 7, 8 plus and the X, I thought it was time to take a new one. I had saved quite a bit, so why not spoil yourself?

The iPhone 11 pro Max

In my unboxing video you could already see what the iPhone looks like. Of course not everything can be captured well in a movie, so I also write a separate article with some pictures and about what I like about the 11 pro, what else is there, and what kind of pictures it takes with the results there. In the movie I show more the appearance and in this article more the inside of the device because unfortunately this is not easy to film. The IPhone therefore has a nice appearance. This is just as big as the iPhone X Max, and like the 8 plus for example. I like a big screen. The front has a single screen. Furthermore, the back is of frosted glass. I opted for the white version. You have the colors: gold, white, space gray, and as a new color dark green! And of course the iPhone 11 pro has three cameras. The normal camera, a zoom lens, and an ultra wide lens. I will discuss this later.

iphone 11 pro max forward

Install the iPhone

Normally this is super easy with Apple. You can transfer your old iPhone completely to your new iPhone so that it looks exactly the same. All apps, photos, conversations, numbers, you name it on your new iPhone when you do this. I find this very useful. He indicates this almost immediately. First set your language, choose the Connect old iPhone heading, and keep your old iPhone next to the new one. You have to press some confirmation buttons and a code that you get on your old iPhone. Log in with Apple ID, and the transfer starts. With me this did not happen in one go. Normally yes, but this time he did a little weird. This was because my new iPhone had to be updated to the latest software. So I had it configured as a “new iPhone”, done the update, and then set it again as a new iPhone in settings, and done the transfer again. Now everything went smoothly with my heart in my throat, haha.

iphone 11 pro max backwards

The use of the iPhone 11 Pro Max

Soon I noticed this this iPhone is much faster than my previous iPhones. I first had the iPhone X, but I thought this screen was a bit smaller than my former iPhone 8 Plus. So I used my old iPhone 8 Plus and sold my X.
The Pro is actually very flexible with everything, scrolling is a lot faster and so opening the apps is faster. Internet is of course the connection with the WiFi how fast this goes, but if you have a good WiFi connection this is also super nice! The battery also lasts super long. The iPhone 11 lasts 16 hours, the iPhone 11 Pro 18 hours and the Pro Max 20 hours. I think this is a very big plus. Furthermore, due to the new update, everything looks neat and modern and you can adjust everything to your taste. This way you can set your Face ID. The iPhone opens by seeing your face😎. This is already a lot faster than before! And so you have more topics, but you can read this in my previous article about the changes to iOS 13.

iphone 11 pro max cover
With a cover from AliExpress

The camera

This is an important part for most people. Similarly for me. For me this is not the reason why I actually bought it, but it is a very big plus. Of course I have my SLR camera, but it is super heavy and large to take with you, so if I have to take a quick photo, this can also be nice with this iPhone. When opening the camera app I immediately saw that the quality of the camera has improved a lot. I was half in the dark and the image was great to see. This is due to the lower aperture in the new camera. That way you can take nicer photos in the dark without a flash. The ultra wide camera is also a big change. This is especially applicable when photographing landscapes, or photographing groups of people. And zooming in is also very sharp in my opinion. Of course not with moving objects, but that is also difficult with an SLR camera. But I will show some examples below. And there are new filters available, the front camera has been considerably improved, and it all works faster and smoother.

iPhone 11 pictures
Normal camera
iPhone 11 pictures ultra wide
The Ultra Wide function.
iPhone 11 pictures zoom
The Zoom lenses
iPhone 11 pictures ultra zoom
The ultra zoom function.

The battery

As I said above, you know how many hours the iPhone should last. But maybe this is different in practice, who knows! On some days I don’t use my phone very intensively. This is when I work, for example. Then this iPhone will last almost 2.5 to 3 days. With more intensive use, with Netflix it will last 1.5 days anyway. But to be honest, I don’t watch Netflix on my iPhone that often, but if you want you can watch Netflix for 20 hours. You can also put your iPhone on a battery saver so that it lasts longer.

iphone 11 pro max side
The side

The prices

Now we come to a part that is less fun. The new iPhones are pricey. I was shocked when I saw this the first time, but that differs for everyone.

The iPhone 11 is from: € 809. This then has 64 GB. The 11 is available in nice cheerful colors. The iPhone has two cameras, a normal lens and an ultra wide lens. This one does not have the telephoto zoom lens.

iPhone 11 colours
The colours. Source.

The iPhone Pro is available from € 1159. This is equipped with three cameras and is otherwise the same as the Max. In appearance this is of course smaller and the battery lasts less, but otherwise it corresponds.

The iPhone Pro Max is available from € 1259. I had just taken the 64 GB here I have enough. If you want a larger GB storage then this is the 256 GB and costs € 1429. If it is, you could take a 64 GB and then purchase an iCloud license and this can start from € 5 a month. Or you can put some photos, videos, or other documents on an external hard drive. I do this too.


Despite the price, I am very happy with my iPhone! I can go on for a few more years, anyway 5. I worked hard enough for it this summer and really wanted it. I had bought nice covers through AliExpress, since you already have covers and screen protectors for € 1, – and they are fun and good too! Of course this will not last as long as an Apple case but for around € 1, – this is fine and by that time I will buy a new or perhaps an Apple case.

What kind of telephone do you have? And how do you like it?

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