Eyelash extentions at Pierôt Haarlem

Eyelash extentions at Pierôt Haarlem

Nowadays you see this very often, eyelash extentions. Beautiful long, full lashes that make your eye storage look a lot bigger. I thought by myself, no I’m not going to do this. But I still think it’s very beautiful and also very easy. You get out of bed, shower and do your hair, and you just have to put on some foundation and lipstick and you’re done. This saves a lot of time. A friend is learning eyelash extentions at Pierôt in Haarlem (Netherlands). So she asked if I wanted to sit as a model. Of course I wanted this!

Before. With eyes open.

Pierôt in Haarlem

Pierôt in Haarlem is an extensive hair salon where they really do everything; hair, eyelashes, nails, eyebrows, you name it! So for a total metamorphosis you can certainly go there. They do this with pleasure and at a very high level. That’s why the prices are a bit higher than average, but they use the best products, so that the customer gets the best results, and this is the most important thing I think! Pierôt Haarlem is five minutes from the center of Haarlem and is very easy to reach by car (parking garage is opposite the salon), and by public transport (the Tempelierstraat is less than a minute’s walk from the salon). Do you want to visit? They can be found at this address: Houtplein 6, 2012DG Haarlem. And for the prices and further information you can visit the website. Pierôt is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. except Thursday (shopping evening) from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday from 9 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Before. Eyes closed.

Also to Pierôt for men

In addition to the beauty salon for women, they also have a barbershop for men. This is right next to it (houtplein 6). Super handy. So are you reading this article and do you have a boyfriend or men at home? Then you can also go to the hairdresser together! Cutting men and modeling beards is also spent on Pierôt!

One eye before, and one eye after.


Back to this topic. Today is the day! I finally get eyelash extentions! In this cup I explain how this works. Because some of the ladies are practicing, they spend a little longer than usual, but I don’t mind this at all, since I’m a model. Normally two hours of moving over a new set is normal. But you lie comfortably on your back in a comfortable chair with music and you can of course have conversations with your stylist.

The easiest way is of course to go without makeup. You lie on the chair and first of all you get a special shampoo to clean and clean the eyelash hair so that the glue adheres well to the eyelashes. You keep your eyes closed so that the shampoo does not get into the eyes. Of course, this should not puncture. I didn’t notice it. The eyelashes are then cleaned with a little water so that the shampoo is completely gone. The eyelashes are made dry with a very small fan.
At the bottom of the eyes comes a strip with gel in it which feels a bit cool in the beginning. The strip is for the glue not on the skin and the gel is nourishing for the eyes. Such a strip also appears above the eye. This ensures that the eyes do not open easily and prevents it from vibrating. The eyelashes can be adjusted after these preparations!

After. With eyes open.

Setting the eyelash extensions

You lie with your eyes closed for two to three hours, so that is actually very relaxed. You talk a little, listen to music, and I was very curious about what it would look like. A hair is glued on per eyelash. So this is a bit of a mess. With pliers she clears the hair, a little glue on the extension, and then just stick! And this with all the eyelashes that the customer has. I think it’s very clever anyway!

After. With eyes closed.

The result

After 2.5 hours it was time! The strips were removed, and I was allowed to stand up again. I looked in the mirror and I think it’s beautiful! It is very beautiful of course, for me it does not have to be so overly long and thick, but the way my own lashes are with mascara is how I wanted it to be, and that’s how it got. The extentions at Pierôt are very soft. They feel like real hairs, and not like some feel like brushes. You also do not feel that you have extentions. It feels like you’ve made up your eyelashes. They are not heavier, a little bit longer, and somewhat fuller. I am really very happy with it and would definitely recommend this.


Because this brand that they work with is more expensive because it is such good quality, the prices are therefore higher than you may be used to. But if you would like, you can register as a model, just like me. You can send them a private message via instagram or Facebook, or contact us on the website, but you can of course also visit us. Otherwise a new set is around € 100.

End result with makeup on.

Do you also have eyelash extentions? And where do you put them?

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