A sneakpreview of IOS 13

A sneakpreview of IOS 13

The iOS 13 is almost on the doorstep. iPhone, I really can’t live without it anymore. Not that I am biased, because Samsung is of course also great, or other Android Smartphones, and of course I have had Samsung myself, but I personally find the iPhone a bit smoother and a bit simpler. Some find Android easy, of course there are great benefits on an Android phone, but now I’m going to talk about a topic for iPhone lovers. The iOS 13 update is already coming in September. But what is different about this major update? And what does it look like? I tried the beta version.

Different design

To start with, I start with the appearance of the software. Because some things have changed as well. Apple has added some new backgrounds. These colors go with the day. So is it morning, afternoon and light? Then the background remains light. But will it be evening and dark? Then the background also gets a bit darker. If you have a MacBook or iMac, you will recognize this. This also comes on the iPhone, super fun! So the light outside a light window, light appearance on mail and whatsap, is basically all apps. And is it dark outside? A black / dark gray background. Of course you don’t have to take this that it changes. You can also only take the light version (shown in iOS 12) or the dark version by default (shown on MacBook or iMac).

The new backgrounds of IOS 13.

Smileys in the keyboard

Maybe you have ever used the English keyboard? Then you can see that above your keyboard when you are typing you see words that you may want to use. This is now also in IOS 13 for the Dutch keyboard. This is also very nice, because if you type something that also has an emoticon, it will also appear in the window! That way you no longer have to go through rows to the desired emoticon. So if you say: laughter, or fun, then an emoticon appears above the keyboard that laughs, and when you click it you can use it. I find this very nice and handy. No more searches for smileys :).

The light mode.

The health app

This too has become more extensive. The app can now measure how loud your sound is from your music, so you can prevent a little hearing damage. The app also measures the sounds from outside, how loud everything is. There is also an extension for the ladies: you can keep track of your menstrual cycle. At first this could not be that easy, and you had to use other apps for that, but now it’s in the health app.

The dark mode.


The mail app also gets a clean turn. This is going to look a bit like Gmail. Certain messages are divided into categories, such as newsletters, advertisements, etc.

The messages app

This also gets a completely different appearance. They want the same appearance as Whatssap. So you can set your profile photo, your name, you name it.

On which devices is the update available?

iPhone: XS, XS Max, iPhone XR, X, 8 (Plus), 7 (Plus), 6s (Plus), 6 (Plus), SE
iPad: 12.9-inch Pro (1st and 2nd generation), 10.5-inch Pro, 9.7-inch Pro, 6th generation (2018), 5th generation (2017), Air 2, Air, mini 4
iPod: iPod touch (6th generation)
My opinion

I have put the changes in this article that I like and use, for a more extensive article you can read that here. Or on this website. I find the appearance of IOS 13 very beautiful, a bit more chic. I am also curious to know what else they will not publish.

Do you use an iPhone? What do you think about the new update?

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