The fall / winter colors of 2019/2020?

The fall / winter colors of 2019/2020?

Every year there is a different fashion in the fall / winter. I always find this interesting to know! You will usually see this in the shops in the after summer. That certain colors keep coming back. In this article I write about the colors that are hot this fall / winter and which colors I find suitable.

Ocher yellow

Yet I saw this yellow color appear more and more often in the autumn / winter months. I never actually wear this color. Ocher yellow is a beautiful dark yellow color. I don’t like this color without makeup because I have red cheeks and the rest of my skin becomes very white. But if I have makeup on then this color suits me. It looks great with jeans or black pants, or of course a nice skirt. Such as a short leather skirt with for example an ocher yellow sweater with long boots. And as a make-up, a natural make-up look is beautiful, with a deep red color as the lipstick.

Cream colour

Cream color is also often seen in the fall months. I had looked in my cupboard, nothing in that color! Hmm … just have a look to purchase something in that color. It fits almost everywhere, so easy to combine. Maybe a nice knitted dress, or a nice sweater on dark jeans and some cool boots. I say go for it!



Different shades of green are taking over the trends this fall. Both skin green and dark green. I find dark green / army green a very beautiful color that looks good on me. Or olive green. Always fun! Also nice and easy to combine with nice black pants with sturdy boots underneath, or with a nice skirt, tights and heels. My preference is for the tough look, but unfortunately I don’t like it too well. I think dark green looks great with a brown tint of lipstick, or Bordeaux red.


I don’t know what to think of this color. Brown is also completely hot this year. I only wear brown lipstick once in a while but in terms of clothing I also have nothing in this color. Still, I like to believe that this color suits people well. A nice brown-colored dress, or sweater or top. This can also be combined in many ways with nice jeans or a leather skirt with tights and nice shoes underneath.


I certainly noticed this in the stores. Checkers are completely in! I also think this is super fun! At the H&M they had a nice blouse with larger diamonds, and then in the colors white, black and dark green. This looked nice with a white top underneath and nice skinny jeans. Of course you have different clothes with diamonds. So you can also buy nice pants with checks, or a shirt or sweater. So do you like diamonds? Then I would definitely go for the diamond look! πŸ™‚


Berry red

This color is one of my favorite colors. Very dark red, and sometimes it seems a bit purplish. I often have this color as a nail polish or as a lipstick. Coincidentally, I had bought a nice top in this color of velvet last week. Berry red is simply incredibly easy to combine. You can turn it into both a chic look and a cool look. So this color is high on my list.



Of course there are more fall colors, but these are the colors that stand out! Old pink is also an autumn color, also one of my favorite colors. So there are enough looks to add fancy and hip and something for everyone!

What is your favorite fall color? And how do you combine these?

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“Autumn the year’s last loveliest smile.”

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