Everything you can read on my blog I wrote myself. My articles are based on my own experience, so also my honest opinion. My articles are not based on professional advice. My articles may have had some help from certain sources, these are listed with the article and / or image. I am in favor of making my photos myself and I do, but if this is not the case, a source is mentioned below the photo.


I also want to make it clear that the images that I make with my articles are not copied unsolicited. If you want to use an image, or use my blog as a source, first ask for permission. You can always request permission via the e-mail address: info@lifestylegaby.com. If no permission is requested, and I come across my articles on another website, measures will follow.


When I receive a product from a company I judge it with my honest opinion. So if I write positively about a product, I mean it and I would recommend it to others.


The company’s website and the link to the product are always mentioned in my articles. If I get a product sponsored by a company, this is also indicated under the article itself. Then it is an advertorial.



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